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Write for us to share your expertise, tell our audience about your business proposition and improve the authority and web presence of your website. Well-written reviews of theatrical films (including pre-1980 retrospective reviews), Blu-Rays/DVDs, film-related books, soundtracks. We are not interested in what’s on Netflix or any other streaming service. We can occasionallyoffer Blu-Ray & DVD screeners to writers whose work we’ve read, but you’d have to commit to reviewing it in a timely manner upon receiving . With rare exception, FREE KITTENS MOVIE GUIDE only features reviews of physical copies. Like many small sites, Cinema Faith is volunteer-run.

Turned your post into Google Doc that’s editable and that it’s shared with us. All text content is copyright of its respective author. All images are protected by applicable copyright law and permitted here under Fair Use. The content of this website may not be used for any purpose without the explicit permission of Cinema Faith.

Whether it’s about film, movies, tv shows or anything else related to the film and tv industry , we’d love to give you a platform to share your work. Indie Shorts Mag is a publishing agency that works within the ‘short film circuit’. We review short films, documentaries, music videos and web series, amongst others. We stand out amongst the short film review sites for being multi-diverse & global in our platform and reach.

We don’t just want regurgitation, we want passion, opinion and insight. And if you’ve got all three, with a flair for creating engaging content and a social track record, you’re exactly what we want. Hitmoviedialogues is a leading Entertainment Blog which covers Bollywood news and updates and huge collection of Bollywood film dialogues.

You can write one or several lists for us, or you can choose to be a regular contributor. The number of lists you contribute to our site is totally flexible. If you don’t have anything to promote, we will PAY YOU for the list. The more clicks it gets, the more we will pay you. You can ask us about the details in the application.

Please be aware that this is not a paid position – all of this is voluntary, for people who love films. The major perk is to be part of a growing platform that grows its audience on a weekly/monthly basis. We also provide press access to events and screenings and advanced review copies for our critics. Another perk (for the film/TV writers) is that you will be able to join our weekly podcast and voice your Film & TV commentary audibly (which is fun!). Founded in 2004 MARKMEETS is a notable independent British-based entertainment, music, television and movie website with a global reach.


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