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Additional links to authority sites, such as Wikipedia or a dictionary site, are fine. We will use our discretion regarding whether we consider them authority sites or not. Please try to include a link to a picture, for which you have the appropriate rights. Searching MorgueFile is a good way to find one. The post needs to include the appropriate citations for the image, if you are using one with a Creative Commons or similar style license.

They also post their needs for specific columns on their guidelines page. There’s also a direct referral program with new opportunities to make money writing posted regularly. Get on the waiting list now so you can take your career to the next level. Please have patience as we review your article and make decisions accordingly. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible, but it may take some time for us to get through all the submissions we receive. Generally, your guest post can be published within 2 business days if we accept your content.

I totally get it; you have been listening to Neil Patel and decided to produce some epic skyscraper content. But, I digress, so to stay in the good graces of the Girl Scouts, the cat, and the money nerds over at Dell, I can’t give you free advertising on my blog. © Copyright by 1clickmoney.com.

They prefer writers to also submit photos. WPHub pays $100-$200 for posts on web design trends, coding best practices, and other WordPress-related topics. Tuts+ pays $100 and up for tutorials on various technologies, including Web design and Flash.

Fiction writing is arguably tougher , but there’s no denying that your earning potential if you do hit it big, is much larger. And it’s no coincidence that the most famous self-publishing successes are all fiction titles. Of course, more achievable doesn’t mean easy.

Content must be 100% original and not published anywhere else online . We like tutorials and advice that is actionable. If your article is about a strategy, please include specifics on how our readers can implement that strategy. We don’t have to be embarrassed of them here, because they are tools as important to building our future as our successes. None of us are here to prove we’re perfect, we’re here to get better. Saving money by going to free yoga meet-up groups is just as valid as hard-learned investment advice.


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A situation report takes one pertinent geopolitical topic or issue and analyzes it from all possible angles. This is the most common type of submission we receive at Geopoliticalmonitor.com, as it tends to mirror a normal research report. A good situation report will leave its readers fully informed about the political, economic, and/or military impact of a salient international event. Articles must take the form of situation reports, forecasts, backgrounders, or editorials that seek to analyze and predict the course of world events. Submissions will be assessed on the basis of how well they adhere to the formats outlined below. While we review all submissions, not every submission will be published.

Are you passionate about reading and writing? Then we will like to hear from you. We are always hoping to receive well-written contributions. All posts must cover the approved topic in detail and add value to the reader. Additionally, please don’t send us pitches to review your infographic; we are not interested in linking them. In other words, if you don’t own the blog or are employed by the company you are looking to promote, then we most likely won’t accept a post.

We’re happy for you to link back to your own work and websites. Just make sure it’s relevant to what you’re writing and it’s not the only motivation. If your post is properly researched and formatted, you will be offered a long-term freelance writing contract. This opportunity is available for legal US citizens located anywhere in the world. This is a freelance writing gig and, if selected, you will be an independent contractor and you will receive a 1099 tax form (for earnings over $600) from Paypal.

And yes, while it is always a good strategy to have several books out there, it’s also possible to write a book that sells so well, you can live off it. However, this route requires a writing portfolio of content-related skills — not just an understanding of the target niche, but of marketing fundamentals and SEO too. In other words, you’ll need more than a laptop and a passion for writing to impress this crowd — you’ll need to persuade clients that you understand the bigger picture.