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As you’ll have just read in those examples, you don’t actually have to be travelling to write a travel blog. Interviews, lists, you, they all work if you don’t have the time and money to be constantly on the road. In addition to a do-follow link back to your travel, cooking, or lifestyle blog home page, we’re happy to include a second relevant link back to your site. We may add an affiliate link of ours if there is an appropriate fit. The guest posting list is impressive, I try seven websites, and all is working fine, thanks for sharing this kind of details with us. Each site will have its requirements for guest-relevant articles, so make sure you’re familiar with them before submitting anything.

Today, we share down-to-earth travel tips from our many adventures on our blog andpodcast! Sign up to my travel newsletter for the latest posts, city guides and tips. Once you’ve learned how to write a travel blog, you can really start to have fun with it, and learn to express yourself through your love of travel. I like to write into Google Sheets and then I’ll upload to WordPress and edit.

Keep practising – you don’t have to publish everything you write. Make sure you have a few H1s and H2s in there to help us readers, read the post. She’s so open and powerful I enjoy reading her posts and know I can go to her site to be transported into her world. She’s even been on Sky News discussing tourism in North Korea and regularly produces the kind of political posts you won’t see on any other blog. When I’m in a destination I’ll look for the best things to do there and it’ll be a list I’m after, not some think piece I mention above. So give your audience what they want and write a well-researched useful to do list.

It can be a combination of still images, videos, and words. We have put together a neat infographic that you can share with your friends which highlights the Art of Travel’s open platform publishing policy. The chance to get your writing published to the world. We will provide you the topic or let us know if you have some brilliant topics in your mind. That means – please do not contact us if you are a content agency, or someone who wants to buy links.

I was so proud to see my work up on their blog and it just inspired me to write more. Read other travel blogs analytically as well as for fun. Learning how to write a good travel blog can be quite formulaic in the way it’s set out. Of course the creativity comes when you decide which words to choose.

Tell us how it’s perfect for OUR READERS specifically. If we love your pitch, we’ll be looking for a piece that follows these guidelines. We might request a few edits before we’re ready to publish your post on our site.

If you are a professional blogger or someone who is passionate about travel and would like to share their knowledge, feel free to contact us so we can publish your story on our website. It would be great to include images to illustrate your story. We would require at least six good quality images for your story. But please include your own images, photography or videography that you have rights to use or that are available under creative commons license.